HCA Leadership Meeting Minutes – 10/15/2017

Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA) Leadership Meeting                                             Sunday October 15, 2017 7pm

Present: Andrea H, Erin K, Sue D, Jackie C, Terry P

  1. Last leader meeting  Sun 7/9/17 @ member’s home. Minutes ok? yes

Prep for General Meeting 11/5

  1. Next HCA general meeting Sunday 11/5/2017 at 630pm. Update citizens on topics from poll of members in order of most popular first:
    1. Site Plan status of Fastop & Life Church
      1. Erin K will present & attend TEG meeting 10/25 for latest info
    2. Town Center expansion across Rt 4 @ Cox Rd/ Comp Plan update
      1. Andrea H will present & attend PC meeting 10/18 & special PC meeting 10/25 for latest
    3. Growth Tier Act (water & sewer) 1 mile radius
      1. Andrea will present
    4. Sign Regulations
      1. Erin will present. Comments submitted for record to P&Z 20% in favor current Sign Reg draft, 70% opposed 10% neutral.
    5. Erin suggests having info on hand on the emerg communications tower behind annex.
  2. Erin secured HUM Church. Andrea will notify newspapers. To contact Ch 6 ask Heather in Economic Development. Also you can go online on county web site and post your own events. Skyrm@calvertcountymd.gov
  3. Citizens suggested inviting P&Z but they don’t work on Sundays. Invite them anyhow just in case.
  4. BOCC admin Lisa Tolomei contacted Erin for 11/5 meeting details to put on BOCC calendar. Perhaps Pat Nutter will attend? Erin will e-mail Lisa to see if BOCC attends, just to listen, needs time to present, will answer questions, etc so we can adjust our schedules. (Lisa Tolomei is admin asst to  Maureen L. Frederick, Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners.)
  5. Andrea suggests diving up the audience into 2 maybe 3 groups and rotations through stations. Avoids need for power point, can use handouts, more intimate for Q&A with BOCC member, etc.

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7.9.2017 – HCA Leadership Meeting Minutes

Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA) Leadership Meeting
Sun July 9, 2017 @ member’s home

Present: Andrea H, Susan F, Claire H, Erin K

  1. Last meeting was Sun June 24, 2017 @ Mexico in Huntingtown. Minutes okay? YES
  2. HOA research by Mary:
    1. Mary mailed/contacted, we posted on FB to contact her
    2. Some communities have FB pages or web pages. This would be great to know.
  3. Next BOCC mtg Tues July 11. Agenda: 1030am Dpt Public Works presents on Rt 2/4 widening and work near Holiday Inn where Dunkin Donuts will be. 1:30pm Jenny PW presents on Signs.  Andrea might attend afternoon if gets child care. Erin might attend but not all day. You can watch BOCC live stream if you can’t be there.
  4. Next regular Planning Commission meeting is July 19, 2017.
    1. Erin inquired about minutes not posted for last special meeting in April. You can request CD or transcripts for $30 plus cost of transcription or CD from 3rd Therefore you really need to go to meetings in person to find out in timely manner.

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Community Forum Minutes – 11.13.2016

Community Forum with the Postmaster, Sheriff, & Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department
November 13, 2016 ~ 6:30pm

Erin K welcomed & introduced Huntingtown Citizens Association. Then she introduced Sheriff Mike Evans. Sheriff Evans told the group he was born and raised in Calvert County and he has been sheriff here for the past 14 years. He then answered questions.

Q: This is the time of year we hear gun shots. Can you talk about hunting season? About how far away from a residence a gun can be fired? Any firearm restrictions? Just to help with a general understanding.
A: You must be at least 150yds from a residence when firing a gun. If you do have any questions about hunting or concerns when hearing gun fire, you are welcome to call the non-emergency number (410) 535-2800 x0. Obviously, if a gun is being fired at or in your home, call 911.

Q: Can you please brief us on crime stats for 20639?
A: Serious crime was down 30% last year and down 14% this year. 90% of theft from vehicles are because the vehicle was not locked. Make sure to lock your vehicles and keep valuables out of sight. Continue reading

HCA Meeting Minutes – 4.3.2016

Attendance: Erin K, Connie C, Susan F, Mark B, Terry P, Debbie W, Jim & June F

Upcoming Important Dates:

HCA Meeting – April 17th, Huntingtown United Methodist Church, Celebration Hall


Susan discussed the website, Twitter, and Google+ pages she created. We agreed we should have a Facebook page as well, on top of the Huntingtown Citizens Information Group. And Susan said she would set up the paid domain for the website Monday, after which, everything could go public. We also discussed working on having everyone on the mailing list eventually subscribe to the website for information and updates.

Jim discussed his conversation with Evan S. Evan affirmed that now is the time to start working with the commissioners on the zoning and planning issues for Huntingtown, as most issues take at least two years from start to implementation. Evan advised we make contact with the commissioners, and request Huntingtown specific information be sent to us; have someone(s) read all planning and zoning information the commissioners put out, and translate it to the rest of the group; and have someone(s) write back suggestions to the commissioners based on all information. Evan also advised we have one or more people attend meetings as much as possible and get to the know the staff.

The terminology of “rural village” was also discussed. Jim discovered that term does not currently exist as a description of any place in the county. Several people he talked to said we would have to define it ourselves and then get the commissioners to agree to implement it as a zoning term. Erin brought up several businesses being most concerned about how going from a “Town Center” to  a “Rural Village” would affect their taxes. The group agreed we will have to cover that issue, along with many others (e.g. – water, sewage, etc).

June reported she had talked to several folks at Huntingtown High School, but was unable to find out who is the head of the Key Club. She’ll keep working on it.

Erin reported Claire had talked to a few people, including Gordon, about the past HCA, but doesn’t know what information she has yet been able to obtain from them. Jim had also talked to Linda K, and she said she had some stuff about the past HCA, and would get back to him with it.

The meeting on the 17th of April was discussed as well. Erin emailed Tom B, Director of Community Planning and Building at Calvert County, and asked if he would speak at the meeting. He agreed to send someone. We agreed the main talking point from the representative should be going over what would be discussed at the Commissioners’ planning and zoning meeting on the 21st that was specific to Huntingtown. And we broke up tasks in relation to that meeting (found in Action Items below). We also agreed on a blurb for various publications to announce the meeting, “A representative of Community Planning and Building will be coming to discuss the rewrite of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Overview in relation to Huntingtown. For more information, go to huntingtowncitizensassociation.com or call Mark B.”

Action Items

  1. Susan will buy the huntingtowncitizensassociation.com domain.
  2. Susan will create a Facebook page for HCA.
  3. Erin will share with everyone how to get the notes for the Planning Commission meetings.
  4. Erin & Terry will follow up with Tom B regarding the meeting on the 17th & email the HCA Leadership Team about the details by April 11th.
  5. Erin & Mark will work on defining what a “rural village” is exactly.
  6. June will continue to track down the head of the Key Club at HHS.
  7. Claire will continue tracking down past HCA information, charters, and such.
  8. Debbie will list the April 17th meeting in the newspaper, various free online listing sites, and the radio.
  9. Lori will create and pass out flyers for the April 17th meeting.
  10. Erin will find out what the representative from Tom’s office will need for the meeting, and Debbie will get it set up for the meeting.
  11. Mark’s wife, Crystal, will print out 5 sign-in sheets for the April 17th meeting.
  12. Erin will film the meeting.
  13. Pictures will either be taken by a HHS Key Club student or HCA Leadership Team members.
  14. Susan and Mark will write up a press release about the meeting for the newspaper.


HCA Meeting Minutes – 3.13.2016

In Attendance:  Erin K, Andrea H, Zsolt T, Susan F, Mark B, Claire and David H, Connie and Craig C, Debbie, Jim and June F, Terry P

Upcoming Important Dates:

Next Leadership Team meeting is Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 6 pm

Next HCA Meeting is Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 6 pm and every third Sunday of the month thereafter


We discussed the purpose for the group, the need to contact the former HCA officers to see what documents (if any) are in place (Charter, mission, etc).  We talked about how the need for the HCA dwindled but is now needed again so that Huntingtown Citizens can have a say in how they want their town to look in the future.  Currently the town is cited as a minor town center but may be better suited to a Rural Village due to road problems.  Team members volunteered for various tasks and agreed to meet again in 2 weeks on 4/3.   The team needs to find out how to become a part of the larger planning process and gather information to present to the larger group on 4/17.  We agreed that we need to do a better job about getting the word out about the at large meeting on 4/17.  Several ideas about how to do that are listed at bottom.

Action Items:

Jim — Will contact Community Planning and Building to determine how HCA can get involved in the planning process.  Jim will also touch base with Susan S.

Jim will help with communication

June — Will contact the KEY club at Huntingtown High School to see if we can get some administrative help or volunteers in exchange for volunteer credit hours.  The KEY club consists of civic minded kids.  June will help with communication

Debbie — Will help with obtaining the church for meetings and with developing flyers for meetings.  Debbie will post the April 17th meeting in the newspaper.

Claire — Will track down the former HCA officers to see what documents are in place and how we can potentially transfer leadership or information.  Claire will help with misc tasks as needed.

David and Zsolt — Will research what our group needs in terms of a charter.

Craig and Connie — Will set up a meeting for the HCA leadership team or the HCA at large with Pat N and Tom H when we are ready.  Willing to help with misc tasks that come up.

Susan F — Will look into setting up a blog for the HCA so we can share info and minutes.  Susan will also talk with Jenna about potentially setting up a website.  Susan can also help with social media and communication.

Mark — Will help with communication, misc tasks, and potentially interested in being an officer.

Lori (not present) — Will develop flyers for meetings.

Terry — Will type up meeting recap and create a leadership team mailing list.  Terry will help with communications.

Andrea — Will help pass out flyers and misc tasks.

Communication Ideas:

1.) Contact homeowners association leaders

2.) Put meeting announcement

— in community calendar in newspaper

— on channel 6

–flyer on Bowen’s counter


— ad in paper

— FB

–somd.com community calendar

— pass out flyers to neighborhoods



Someone to take meeting minutes

Someone who is able to print flyers

Someone to coordinate the checklist and touch base about various action items