Speak tomorrow at Public Hearing!

Tomorrow is Tuesday Feb 26th, 2019. It might be the day that seals our fate; affecting the quality of life as we know it in both Calvert County and Huntingtown.
Tomorrow at 7pm at the Calvert Pines Senior Center in Prince Frederick is the public hearing with the Planning Commission(PC) about the Comprehensive Plan. Anyone can sign up to speak, either for themselves or a bit longer if representing a group, HOA or organization.
Is the Plan Important? Y E S ! Every county organization from the BOCC on down uses it to create their policies, ordinances, budget, etc… It even has State and Federal implications as it’s references when we request grants and funding.
The number of kids in a classroom, how many apartments can be built on an acre, will we get a Bay Bridge crossing, economic development, new government office building spending, etc… All should be addressed in the Plan. Is it?

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