Community Forum Minutes – 11.13.2016

Community Forum with the Postmaster, Sheriff, & Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department
November 13, 2016 ~ 6:30pm

Erin K welcomed & introduced Huntingtown Citizens Association. Then she introduced Sheriff Mike Evans. Sheriff Evans told the group he was born and raised in Calvert County and he has been sheriff here for the past 14 years. He then answered questions.

Q: This is the time of year we hear gun shots. Can you talk about hunting season? About how far away from a residence a gun can be fired? Any firearm restrictions? Just to help with a general understanding.
A: You must be at least 150yds from a residence when firing a gun. If you do have any questions about hunting or concerns when hearing gun fire, you are welcome to call the non-emergency number (410) 535-2800 x0. Obviously, if a gun is being fired at or in your home, call 911.

Q: Can you please brief us on crime stats for 20639?
A: Serious crime was down 30% last year and down 14% this year. 90% of theft from vehicles are because the vehicle was not locked. Make sure to lock your vehicles and keep valuables out of sight. Continue reading