When, where and how…

The deadline to register to vote before the election is Tuesday October 13, that’s tomorrow! To register go to voterservices.elections.maryland.gov

You can also register in person at our local Calvert elections board offices in the Community Resources Building (lower level) at 30 Duke Street, Prince Frederick, MD 20678. This is across from the Post Office. If you are already registered, use the same website to check that your info is accurate; name spelled correctly, current address entered, your party affiliation correct.

If you miss this 10/13 deadline, there is another chance to register. Did you know you can also register during early voting from Monday 10/26 to Monday 11/2, 7am to 8pm at the Community Resources Bldg, 30 Duke Street, Prince Frederick. Your final chance to register on Election day, Tuesday Nov 3rd from 7am to 8pm at the polling centers noted below.

voterservices.elections.maryland.gov will also show you which local district you are in when you type in your registered address, District 1, 2 or 3. It has a map and directions to your early voting or election day voting centers. Note that Board of Education and Board of County Commissioners have 1 member living and representing each of the 3 Calvert districts and 2 at-large members that can live in any district. This is so the entire county from end to end is represented. Any registered voter in Calvert can and should vote for a candidate in any district. This site will also show you your sample ballot with the candidate choices in each race.


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