Why your vote matters to Huntingtown on Nov 6, 2018.

Exercise your privilege as a citizen of the United States of America and cast your ballot this week on Election Day, Tuesday November 6, 2018! True, there is no Presidential election this year, but there are races right here in Calvert County that will have a lasting impact on your every day life.

Visit this site from Maryland Board of Elections to enter in your address and find your polling location. All polls are open on Tuesday, Nov 6th from 7am to 8pm.  If you want to check your address of record, look it up here.

Calvert County is run by five members of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). Two of them are at-large members who can hail from anywhere in the county.  The other three members must live in one of each of the districts: North 003, Middle 002, or South 001. (Use this interactive map to see which district you are in. ** ) As a voter, you choose one candidate in each of the three districts, and two candidates from the at-large candidates. Remember, that it takes only 3 of the 5 commissioners to vote on something for it to pass. So you need to choose wisely concerning all your commissioner selections.

These BOCC commissioners will finish up the Comprehensive Plan, and decide things like the expansion of Huntingtown across MD 2/4 at the Cox Rd intersection, if Dunkirk expands to become a Major Town Center like Prince Frederick, if Lusby & Solomons are combined together to form one huge Major Town Center, and if residential areas around town centers get increased housing density.

The site www.Vote411.org will show you a list of candidates in each race with their photos, bio, and responses to a few key questions.  You pick which candidate(s) you want and it will print out a personalized ballot for you to bring with you on election day.

The Sustainable Calvert Network conducted a forum and asked Board of County Commissioner (BOCC) candidates questions concerning preserving our rural character. Not all candidates responded, but those that did have their responses here.

Local newspapers like the Calvert Recorder and Calvert County Times published information on all candidates and the local political party web site also have info on candidates.

Please encourage your Huntingtown friends & neighbors to vote too!

Stay informed with Huntingtown information by following us on Twitter or FB , visiting our website www.Huntingtowncitizensassociation.com, or contacting us by e-mail at huntingtowncitizens@gmail.com

**For Huntingtown, you are likely in District 002 if you live on the west side of MD 2/4 .  If you live on the east side of MD 2/4 you are in District 003 with Dunkirk and Owings, but only if you live north of Plum Point Rd. South of Plum Point Rd is District 002 again, which extends south past Prince Frederick. District 001 area begins in St Leonard and goes south to include CRE, Lusby and Solomons.