How was your commute today?

Traffic photo

Calvert County is updating it’s 1997 Transportation Plan.  What do you think about it now and 20 years from now?  Citizens should provide comments by Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. to  

Read the Feb 2020 Transportation Plan draft here. Too overwhelming? Below are our cliff notes. Just jump ahead in the link above to the noted page of the file.

Pg 7: “Projections through 2040 indicate a rate of growth in Calvert County averaging 0.5% annually.”… “More than 90% of county residents commute to work alone in their personal vehicle.”… “More than 65% of commuting trips destined for locations
outside of Calvert County.”… “Given the development pattern and the distance from major employment centers, there is no evidence…these modal shares are likely to change.”

Pg 11: MD 4 in Huntingtown  has some of the highest traffic counts behind MD4  in Prince Fredrick at Dares Beach Rd and MD 231.

Pg 20: Will Calvert grow at historical (12.5%), aggressive (50%) or hyper growth rates until the year 2040?  (We have about 102,000 population now; that would be 146,000 with aggressive growth and 177,000 with hyper growth in the year 2040. )

Pg 23: Which  intersection is the second worst?  MD 4 at Cox Rd in Huntingtown currently gets a “D” and an “F” grade and STILL WILL even after additional improvements at the historical growth rate. What happens if growth rate is more?

Now go to page 137 to see how bad it really it, without averaging in the side roads to MD 4. Bonus points: check out pg 142 if you like raw data.

Pg 27 & 76: “Realign junction of MD 521 Hunting Creek Rd/ MD 524  Old Town Rd and MD 2/4 in Huntingtown…” Hunting Creek Rd going all the way out to intersect MD 4? Whose properties will be affected by this?

Pg 45: Been in a vehicle crash?  See if your crash dot shows up.

Pg 94: Using “Smart Signals” transportation technologies in Calvert is challenging, as Calvert does not have “fiber optic lines which enhance the ability to implement additional video cameras, gather real-time data, operate dynamic message signs and implement real-time traffic signal control.” But the additional improvements for Goal #4 on pg 29 relay heavily on this.

The Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) will give it’s decision on the Transportation Plan on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at their regularly scheduled 10am meeting. Can’t attend? You can watch live stream here or watch video at a later time. Same link will show you BoCC agendas with links to Powerpoints and documents so you can check things out beforehand. That’s what HCA does.

As usual, please share with your friends, neighbors and HOA.  Follow the Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA) Facebook pg or e-mail us at


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