Traffic on the 18th….Bah Humbug!

Your chance to speak is here!                                        We can’t hear you Bob Cratchit!

Tell the Planning Commission about your commute, the traffic & your road concerns at a Public Hearing on the Transportation Plan this Wednesday evening 12/18/2019 at 7pm at the Harriet Brown Community Center, 901 Dares Beach Rd in Prince Frederick.

Here is the Sept 2019 Draft of the Transporation Plan. Don’t worry, we’ve made our “cliff notes” below so can return to your seasonal jolliness faster. Well, actually DO worry…the future looks scary.

light road red yellow

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-How is your commute? See what grade it gets…a “D” perhaps? (Pg 10 has current/2017 grades and their explanations.)

-Will that “D” improve in the future?  Sorry. Look at all the red “F” grades at MD4 & Cox Rd! You’ll look like Ole Jacob Marley by the time you get home. (Page 21)

Can anything be more frightening than the Ghost of Traffic Yet to Come?

-Hyper growth scenario has Calvert with 176,636 residents by the year 2040…nearly DOUBLE the 2017 number of 93,228 residents. Should our BoCC make planning decisions to permit this?

Sounds like a Marley & Scrooge investment strategy gone wrong; can we handle hyper or even aggressive growth of population and households in the next 20 years? Talk about overcrowding. (Pg 18)

-Calvert population forecasts are NOT based on the current Comprehensive Plan w/ expanded Town Centers, so is this thing even relevant? (Pg 17)

We noticed too that since the last draft, the appendix has gotten skinnier and no longer has the data that goes into making the intersection grades. Page 21 has only intersection grades, but each road that goes into an intersection has a grade, and those for MD4 @ Cox Rd will make you knock your knees. Please put that back in or it appears that someone is trying to hide under the cloak of the Ghost of Traffic Present.

Here is the 12/18 meeting agenda.



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