Honk Honk…Will traffic get worse?

Traffic photo

Worried you will see more of this on your way home?  We are worried too.

Attend the Community Forum on the Comp Plan this Thursday June 21 from 6:30 – 9pm  @ the Calvert High School auditorium, 600 Dares Beach Rd in Prince Frederick, MD.

Learn more about traffic, higher density housing, TDR’s and the location of water & sewer in Huntingtown and Calvert county as a whole. Ask questions and get answers in a group. Please share with neighbors, friends or your HOA.

Click here to view more event info.

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Oops, mistakes happen when you rush..

In their rush to gather all the comments from the 2nd draft of the Comp Plan and put them on the agenda for this Wed 6/20 7pm Planning Commission(PC) meeting, staff DID NOT redact the e-mail address of citizens who provided comments. They even failed to take out the Planning Commission’s own member e-mail addresses on page 27. Oops, mistakes sure do happen when you are rushing.  (link to memo comments)

What other errors are there in this draft, which the Planning Commission obviously feels pressured to send forward to the State of MD and for joint public hearing with the BOCC at the same time?  (Not one after the other, so it happens more quickly.)  The comments were shared with the PC admin on June 14th, which leaves all of 4 whole business days to read about 60 comments on 140 pages. The PC should not decide anything on June 20th just so the BOCC can check a box on their to-do list.

See what happens next week on Wednesday June 20th at 7pm at the Harriet Brown Community Center at 901 Dares Beach Rd in Prince Frederick. Please share this info with neighbors and friends. If you can’t attend, ask someone to report back to you. Thank you.

You can still send in comments on the 2nd draft to pz@calvertcountymd.gov and they will be provided to the PC at their July meeting.

June 20 2018 PC agenda

2nd Draft of the Comprehensive Plan

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of the 2nd Draft by Keep Calvert Country

Huntingtown Citizens Association web page

Today & Tomorrow, last Open Houses on 2nd draft Comp Plan

You have 2 chances left to check out the 2nd Draft of the Calvert County Comprehensive Plan. After this, you know how hard it is to stop a boulder rolling downhill. If you go,  FILL OUT & HAND IN A COMMENT CARD. Staff does not take notes on what you ask/suggest…you have to write it down! 2nd Draft of Comprehensive Plan Document

TODAY : Tuesday, 6/12  Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department,
                                                     3170 West Ward Rd, Dunkirk 6:30-8:30pm
Wednesday, 6/13  Calvert Marine Museum,
                                  14200 Solomons Island Rd, Solomons 6:30-8:30pm

       Thursday, 6/21 Keep Calvert Country will host a COMMUNITY FORUM TO DISCUSS THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN from 6:30-9pm at Calvert High School Auditorium, 600 Dares Beach Road, Prince Frederick

If you can’t attend, you can still send in your comments via E-mail to  pz@calvertcountymd.gov  Put 2nd draft in the subject line.

If you read this far, please share this with your neighbors and friends, especially someone who does not use Facebook, is not in the internet, etc. They need to know too. Thank you.

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Is your Huntingtown a Growth Area?

We read all 196 pages on the Comp Plan 2nd draft.  Here are some Huntingtown highlights. Please share. More to come…

  1. Huntingtown remains a minor town center (not a village) and all Town Centers are GROWTH AREAS. (ES-4, page 7)
  2. The Future Land Use Map at 3-14 page 46 has some coloring problems. Rural residential and residential are both a yellow color, and it is not clear what surrounds Huntingtown.  This is CRITICAL as residential is supposed to be mapped areas about 1 mile from a Major Town Center and their conventional density can be increased using TDR’s to 4 dwelling units per acre. Developer funded public water and sewer may be needed to reach this. (Think one red Monopoly hotel per acre OR 4 little green Monopoly houses on the same acre.) RURAL residential would only permit one lot per 20 acres and growth is directed away from here. (3-12, pg 44)
  3.  “The plan retains the policy of permitting higher residential density with the use of TDR’s within a one-mile radius of a defined central point for Minor Town Centers of Owings, Huntingtown and St Leonard.” That is exactly the opposite of the above is described in 3-21 page 53. so which is it?
  4. “Using wastewater treatment facilities…to attract and direct growth to…locations within Town Centers.? (1-5, pg 23)
  5. Huntingtown is spelled wrong as Huntingtown several times. (ES-5, pg 8) (3-14 pg 46). This thing obviously needs more serious work by our Planning staff and should NOT be sent out to neighboring counties and State of MD agencies. That would be embarrassing.

Put 2nd draft in the subject line and e-mail your thoughts to the Planning Commission: pz@calvertcountymd.gov AND Carolyn.Sunderland@calvertcountymd.gov

TODAY Monday, 6/11  Harriet Brown Community Center, 901 Dares Beach Rd, PF
Tuesday, 6/12  Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department,  3170 West Ward Rd, Dunkirk
Wednesday, 6/13  Calvert Marine Museum, 14200 Solomons Island Rd, Solomons 
Visit the public open houses between 6:30 – 8:30pm to get an up close & personal look at your house on the Land Use Map.  YOU MUST FILL OUT AND HAND IN A COMMENT CARD. Your verbal questions/comments don’t count for nothin’. We got notice of these on Fri June 8 @ 9am via e-mail. This is insufficient notice.

County wide effects of this 2nd draft plan summarized: Keep Calvert County

If you read this far, please share this with your neighbor or friend, especially somone who is not tech saavy, does not use Facebook, etc. They need to know too. Thank you.