Honk Honk…Will traffic get worse?

Traffic photo

Worried you will see more of this on your way home?  We are worried too.

Attend the Community Forum on the Comp Plan this Thursday June 21 from 6:30 – 9pm  @ the Calvert High School auditorium, 600 Dares Beach Rd in Prince Frederick, MD.

Learn more about traffic, higher density housing, TDR’s and the location of water & sewer in Huntingtown and Calvert county as a whole. Ask questions and get answers in a group. Please share with neighbors, friends or your HOA.

Click here to view more event info.

Read the 2nd Draft of the Comprehensive Plan here.

Here are some Comp Plan “highlights”

pg 53: Minor Town centers like Huntingtown are designated GROWTH areas. A higher residential density (more dwellings per acre) within a one mile radius of Huntingtown is permitted with the use of TDR’s.

pg 92: We have the perception of traffic volumes increasing but MD 2/4 operates at an acceptable level of service (per the State Highway Admin; grade D or better rating).

pg 126: All of Calvert’s drinking water comes from aquifers. Increases in pumping have caused water levels in our aquifers to decline between 61 and 199 feet, which could affect availability of drinking water.

pg 133: Stressing the establishment or expansion of sewer systems in Town Centers.

pg 141: Calvert County’s population is projected to grow by 10,000 between 2015 and 2040. (Last census was 2010. This projection was done BEFORE all the growth measures permitted in this 2nd draft.

Pg 42: Maryland Department of Planning worst case scenario development capacity analysis projects 15,000 additional housing units. (If all available TDR’s are used under zoning laws on the book in 2016) Assume 2 individuals live in each housing unit and you get another 30,000 individuals. And what zoning regulations have changed since 2016? We wonder how many of the 30,000 will have vehicles?


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