How to preserve rural character & have vibrant Town Centers too?

Purpose, Mission & Visions… that is the title of Chapter 1 of the May 2018 draft of the Calvert County Comprehensive Plan. Why is this even important to me, you ask?

This is the official policy document to guide a slew of functional and smaller plans, including the Huntingtown Town Center master plan.  All these plans have rules and ordinances that do affect you; your commute to work, your home value, the taxes you pay, your water supply, your children’s school, the rural character for which you have remained here or which you moved here to enjoy.

This Wednesday July 18th at 7pm the Planning Commission(PC) will begin a detailed review of the May 2018 draft of the Comp Pan, beginning with Ch 1.  PC meetings take place at the Harriet Brown Community Center at 901 Dares Beach Rd in Prince Frederick. Public is welcome, but public comments are not welcome. You can e-mail your comments with Calvert 2040 Comp Plan in the subject line here:

If you can’t attend the meeting, see if your friend or neighbor can attend and share information with you. Read on please…


The Comp Plan guides projects like the location and density of new developments.  Will the one mile radius of increased housing density around Huntingtown Town Center AND allowing developer-funded private water and sewer mean an apartment complex will pop up next door to you?  Will that beautiful country view you currently enjoy vanish because the County is failing to fund land preservation programs as much as it used to?  Does that mean large land owners have limited choices to protect their land, if they choose?

We have no idea how additional residential development will affect the traffic on our roadways, as our last County Transportation Plan was from 1997 and no new update is planed until after the completion of this Comp Plan process. We have no idea what development capacity our county really has, since our own government has not studied this is detail and relies on a State of Maryland capacity analysis which takes into account only nationwide trends in birth, death, housing, etc.  It does not identify specific parcels in Calvert with development potential to figure out what the min and max development capacity our current land use and zoning rules would allow, before making any changes to them. Stay tuned and we will continue to update you.

You can find the May 2018 Draft Plan here.

You can sign up for e-mail notifications from the County for similar meetings here.

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