What will the BOCC say on 2/6/18…expand Huntingtown across Rt4 at Cox Rd?

Tuesday February 6th at 12:15pm at the Harriet Brown Community Center, 901 Dares Beach Rd in Prince Frederick, will be a joint work session with the Calvert County Planning Commission (PC) & the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).  This is first formal presentation from PC to BOCC on our long range planning document, the Comprehensive Plan, which will guide all aspects or our lives until the year 2040. Please attend and listen but you will not be allowed to speak.

Hot topics per written public comments sent to the PC are below:

Traffic!, Huntingtown expansion across MD 4 @ Cox Rd, water & sewer infrastructure, expansion of Town Center boundaries on Calvert’s development capacity, etc…

Please e-mail your Board of County Commissioners at commiss@calvertcountymd.gov

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