HCA General Meeting – 2/26/2017, 6:30pm

This Sunday, February 26th, we will be having a general meeting.

We will discuss:
• Issues concerning Huntingtown Citizens
• A recap of what was covered at the previous two Calvert 2040 workshops and how it pertains to Huntingtown
• Thoughts/opinions on the next two Calvert 2040 workshops in relation to Huntingtown

Meeting will be at Huntingtown United Methodist Church, 4020 Hunting Creek Rd, Huntingtown, Maryland 20639 at 6:30pm



HCA Planning Meeting Minutes – 1.29.2017

Attendance: Erin K, Jim F, June F, Andrea H, Susan F, Theresa K, Terry P

Important Upcoming Dates:
February 6 – Calvert 2040 Transportation Workshop
February 22 – Calvert 2040 Community Workshop
February 26 – HCA General Meeting, 6:30pm

Meeting Recap

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