6.24.2017 – HCA Leadership Meeting Minutes

Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA) Leadership Meeting
Sun June 25, 2017 @ Mexico in Huntingtown

Present: Andrea H, Susan F, Claire H, Dave H, Terry P, Erin K

Possibly interested Bill P says these too: Paula R, Wendy P, Jeff E. Linda B

  1. Last meeting was Sun April 12, 2017, 6:30pm @ Mexico. Minutes ok? YES


  1. Huntingtown Architectural Review Committee (ARC) vacancy has been filled! It’s a 4 year term.
    1. At Tues 6/6 BOCC meeting, Thomas Sasscer, architect was reappointed.
    2. 2 vacancies will be open in 3/2018: Frank Arbusto (construction) & Darryl Hatcher (TC business owner).
    3. Let’s contact these people to invite to our meetings, get their idea or viewpoint.
    4. PF arch review has 4 vacancies they are advertising for. Not good. Need people. Know anyone?
    5. Has BOCC changed the ARC boards yet, wonders Susan D? Nothing yet.
    6. Fastop would be considered national chair thus does not go to ARC for review.
  2. HOA research by Mary:
    1. Mary mailed/contacted all the ones she could.
    2. Should we focus on contacting HOA this side of Rt 4 first? But include Marly Run since use Cox Rd.
    3. Still need to Post on FB looking for additional HOA reps to contact Mary by e-mail. (Andrea will do this.)
  3. Next BOCC mtg Tues June 27. Agenda: Owings 3 vacancy & Solomon’s 1 vacancy on arch review board.
  4. Next Planning Commission meeting is June 28, 2017, this Wednesday, 7pm at Courthouse Square Conference Room, 205 Main St, and PF MF 20678. Work session on Comprehensive Plan Update workshops from spring 2017. Next one after that will be Wed 7/19. Ex: “amend Huntingtown boundaries to include institutional and commercial uses…across Rt 4”, “residential uses above commercial in village 2 story bldg”


  1. Fastop:
    1. History of 3921 Old Town Rd/Old Town Automotive LLC
      1. Owned by Mr. Courtney Accipiter, DOB 8/1967 age 50. Brother Lance & sister work there too. Courtney lives 6475 Solomon’s Island Rd N. C&L Automotive garage there.
      2. Bought it in 2006 for $300K, built 6,300 sq foot, opened in 2008. Current value $950K.
      3. 9/4/2015 Huntingtown Master Plan edited: 100 ft wooded setback from Rt 4 ONLY goes down Old Town Rd from its start until the start of Parcel 9 on Tax Map 18. This change makes property more desirable for The Gott Company to purchase & build Fastop convenience/liquor store w/gas.
      4. How? Planning commission deferred decision to BOCC and they voted to allow buffer removal.
      5. Gott owns Fast stops in NB (CITGO), CB, Dunkirk, St Leonard, Lusby, Solomon’s, Leonardtown & Calvert Village Shell(next to Magic Tunnel) and wants to put one at this location.
    2. Do we like this?
      1. Traffic: not enough space on 1.01 ac, too much more traffic at Old Town/Rt 4 intersection.
      2. Liquor: too close to High school, churches
      3. Gas: too close to Rt 4, safety and environmental issues
      4. Convenience: Already have Bowens gas, beer & wine…7-11 convenience, other local
      5. When Rt 4 is widened by the State, this property will be in the way.
      6. Ches Beach Fastop needs police every night to guard against criminals/drug/alcohol realted
      7. If we can’t stop it, can it be beautiful, signs be quaint, pollution of noise/light be minimum, plan for unsavory clientele
    3.  Notify:
      1. Citizens of Huntingtown via Huntingtown Information FB group, HCA FB page
      2. Notify citizens of Huntingtown by our word of mouth to stay informed
      3. Citizens of Calvert who commute through Huntingtown affected by Rt4 traffic
      4. Business owners who might be impacted to get their ideas/support like Bowen’s, 7-11, China King liquor, red roof Discount Liquors w/Mel’s, Shell in Dunkirk, Wawa in PF
      5. Civic groups who may be impacted like Emmanuel Church, Jehovah Witnesses, Huntingtown High, Huntingtown United Methodist, Jesus the Devine Word, Chesapeake Church, First Lutheran Church at 2/4, Bethel Way of the Cross new big one, Life Church Calvert @ PP elem
      6. Gott that HCA is not in support? Ask for site plan? Let’s wait until we have press release
    4. What can we do about it? (Susan S 21 ideas)
      1. Get someone else to buy: Post Office for more space, move Bowen’s there, workout gym space, physical therapy office w/gym, drop in day care center
      2. Write to local politicians like BOCC, Delegates, governor
      3. Contact media like newspapers, Wash Post investigative team might be interested
      4. Contact County Health Department, Environmental Dept
      5. FOIA requests concerning BOCC meetings with developers
      6. Solomons Business Association: would be against increased traffic on Rt 4
      7. Terry will contact Planning & Zoning to find out where the site plan is in the process, what steps it must take to reach approval and how long those steps might take.
      8. We need a “Press Release” type letter that outlines the history of this issue, our concerns, and requests assistance. Clair will work on this, perhaps asking Susan for the timeline and date info along with Linda B who offered to help. This will be in one week and before 7/4 holiday.
  2. When is HCA next general meeting?
    1. Topic ideas: education about the communications tower behind Annex & the Fastop
    2. Location: Fire dept since mtg attendance will be large, weeknight no charge?
    3. Suggest September? Not soon enough, make it in August.
  3. Fall 2018 is next BOCC election. We need viable good candidate which supports Keep Calvert Country/rural and smart growth instead of the current BOCC which seems to favor business development only.
  1. Next HCA leadership meeting is Sunday July 9th at 6:30pm at Andrea H’s house.

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