4.2.2017 – HCA Leadership Meeting Minutes

Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA) Leadership Meeting
Sun April 2, 2017, 6:30pm @ Mexico

Present: Erin, Sue & husband, Mary, Bob, Andrea, Terry, Susan

  1. Last meeting minutes, everything ok? Minutes emailed out, no one had any corrections.
  2. Calvert 2040 mtg 3/27 6:30pm (Multi-Generational): Andrea, Erin went, Sue also there. Further defined Town Centers, Villages, etc. Village definition seemed to be what Minor Town Center currently is. 2040 meetings are overlapping so that part of current topic is covered/reviewed in following meeting. BOCC intends to widen Rt 4 to county line. Prince Frederick traffic will increase by 3300 cars daily by __?___. MD wants a 4-tier map for water and sewer before Comprehensive Plan is finished. Next Calvert 2040 is 4/6 bldg A. Preserving Rural Character, who is going? Andrea, anyone else?
  3. Next BOCC or planning meeting that concerns H town? Nothing on Tue 4/4
  4. Vacancy on Huntingtown Architectural Review Committee (ARC): Andrea told Josh Lewis historic restoration construction guy who lives in Huntingtown. Unsure if he applied.
    1. The ARC changes are coming in the form of a resolution and they are supposed to have a public hearing on it. The resolution will be what changes regulations on ARC not the Comp. Plan. There is also a Public Hearing on April 11 that will involve the signs in the county. If BOCC passes this, chain stores will be allowed to have any size sign they want but our local stores will not. ARCs should be involved with this also and help our local stores by asking this not be passed.
  5. Citizen Group Research
    1. DACCA next mtg Wed 3/22 7pm. Andrea forgot to attend. Did Claire go? What happened? No one made it.
    2. DACCA leadership meeting. When the next one Erin or Terry is can attend?
    3. We should work together with them to keep what citizens want.
    4. How do they get money? 200+ members, $10/yr/family
    5. HOA research by Mary: What are the Huntingtown HOA, who do we contact in them?
    6. Planning list of all County HOA 10 yrs old, only 7 HOA listed in Huntingtown.
    7. Mary & Andrea brainstormed and drove around to find them.
    8. Mary contacted by e-mail or snail mail to get current POC.
    9. Next step this week: Andrea will post on FB looking for additional HOA reps to contact Mary.
  6. What is HCA next general meeting? 5/7  (4/9 Palm Sunday, 4/16 Easter, 4/30 Fire parade) Someone from County Planning & Zone asked to attend to address any questions.  Erin will contact.
    1. Andrea makes sign in sheets, scans in, types up and shares w/Terry for e-mail list.
    2. See #7 for advertising of this meeting.
    3. Erin reserves room at HUM church
    4. What to discuss:
    5. Scrap this meeting. Terry will contact Jenny P to see which date(s) – 5/7, 5/21, 6/4, or a Wednesday evening – she might be able to meet with leadership team.
  7. Communication of HCA meeting on 5/7 responsibility review. – Scrapping meeting date until leadership team meets with Jenny P.
    1. Flyers & FB events by Susan 1 mo advance, post at Bowen’s, Post office?
    2. FB events by Susan, HCA posts by Susan 1 mo advance
    3. E-mail sent by Terry P, need 2 weeks in advance.
    4. Newspaper add free Calvert Recorder & Calvert Beacon by Erin, need 2 weeks advance.
    5. HOA contacts: Mary researching, contact them 2 weeks in advance by Mary
    6. Roadside sign by Andrea (Bowen’s, @ Bowie Shop/Hunting Creek/Lowery, Lower Marlboro & Rt 4 wood? 1 week in advance
    7. Channel 6 COMCAST airs weekly bulletin. Andrea could not find where to submit online. Suggested to try Economic Development office.
    8. Flyers at 4/30 parade
  8. Communication between leadership:
    1. Susan suggests Goggle groups or Goggle hangout. Documents can be posted, and it tracks who makes what suggest edit. Collaborate with To Do list or editing documents. Susan suggests keep.Google.com a To DO list. Do these work?  No one looked at options.
  9. Next Organizer meeting Sun 4/23 6:30pm or 4/30 6:30pm to plan for 5/7 general meeting.  (Andrea can host potluck dinner 4/30. Andrea can’t attend 4/23 until 730pm.) Mary also offered her house as a place to meet.
  10. Terry suggested doing a short survey to get feedback and more email addresses for further communicating with public. She will email everyone to come up with questions.

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