3.12.2017 – HCA Leadership Meeting Minutes

Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA)  Leadership Meeting
Sun March 12, 2017, 6:30pm @ Mexico

Present: Claire, Erin, Susan, Jim & Judy, Andrea, Mary (briefly)

Agenda with Minutes

  1. Last meeting minutes – don’t have a copy here, it was fine.
  2. Review Sun 2/26 general meeting, – when people get off topic, have a parking lot or have them write it down and we will get it to proper county location and ask them to respond.
  3. Next Calvert 2040 mtg 3/27 6:30pm CSM bldg B, Rm 104 (Multi-Generational), who is going? Andrea, Erin will get more info packets for us to use at out next HCA general meeting.
    1. We need to separate among the small groups so our voice is heard more.
    2. Next after that is 4/6 bldg A. Preserving Rural Character, who is going? Andrea
  1. Next BOCC or Planning meeting that concerns H town? Keep an eye on agenda to see what comes up that affects Huntingtown.
  1. Vacancy on Huntingtown Architectural Review Committee: architecture experience. Next vacancy 3/31/2018 Hatcher(business owner) and Frank Arubusto (construction) Jim says it meets once per month. To make it more business friendly, process was taking too long so now Arc Review has only 5 days to review and respond. Someone on board said County Planning & Zoning basically approves, then sends to Arc Review as formality so is this board really doing anything? Dale Hatcher is on it as a business person. Do we (HCA) know anyone with architectural experience to be on it?
  1. Citizen Group Research
    1. DACCA next mtg Wed 3/22 7pm Dunkirk Firehouse, Reach out to them and ask advice. (It’s a 501C with members who pay $10/year per family dues.) Andrea & Claire will attend incognito
    2. JP Sherkus invited Erin, Terry to DACCA organizer/leadership mtg at his house. We will go, but don’t want to be too associated with, just want to learn from.
    3. Calvert Coalition for Smart Growth, CCSG, is a 501(c)(4) Corporation – no meetings posted on their site, funding from private people
  1. HOA research by Mary: What are the Huntingtown HOA, who do we contact in them? Planning gave Mary a list of all county HOAs after some run around, but not every HOA is on the county’s list. Only about 7 HOAs listed in Huntingtown. List seems 10 years or more out of date. Mary will type up just the Huntingtown ones and try to contact to get current info on where to e-mail or mail HCA meeting announcements, etc… After some work, we will post on FB looking for additional HOA reps to contact us.
  1. Communication of HCA meetings
    1. Roadside sign location by Andrea (Bowen’s, @ Bowie Shop/Hunting Creek, Bowie Shop/Lowery)
    2. Flyers: made by Susan, posted at Bowen’s, Post Office by Andrea
    3. FB events by Susan, HCA posts by Susan
    4. E-mail sent by Terry P to addresses we’ve collected from meetings
    5. Newspaper add free Calvert Recorder & Calvert Beacon by Erin, need 2 weeks advance.
    6. HOA contacts: Mary researching, we will e-mail when we have info
    7. Goals: start advertising 1 mo out on FB and to newspapers, maybe 2-3 weeks out on e-mail & posted flyers, 1 week out roadside signs, etc.
    8. Communication to members after a meeting: let’s type minutes/notes and share within the week and share w/leadership. E-mail members the 2nd week after event.
    9. Suggestion of using Channel 6 where the commissioner hearings are broadcast for free advertising of our meetings. Andrea will check into how to do this.
  1. Communication between leadership:
    1. FB messenger too hard to follow, not everyone on FB. Susan suggests Google groups or Google hangout.
    2. How to collaborate with To Do list or editing documents. Susan suggests keep.google.com for a To Do list. And use Google Drive where documents can be posted – it tracks who makes what suggestions/edits. Can revert back to old copy if “oops” happens.
  1. Name?
    1. Huntingtown Citizens Information Group (HGIG) & Huntingtown Citizens Association(HCA) are too similar and people think they are the same, or don’t know to follow HCA. Consider a name change.
    2. Consider dropping “citizen” out of the first one or other renaming
    3. Terry will remove “Citizens” from HCIG if possible on FB without altering the group.
  1. What is HCA next general meeting? 4/2 or 4/23 or 5/7  (4/9 Palm Sunday, 4/16 Easter, 4/30 Fire parade)  Not 4/2, keep that for organizer or leadership meeting. Try for 4/23 or 5/7 – ask someone from County Planning & Zone to attend to address any questions. They should be willing since we are reselling their 2040 workshop information.  Erin will contact.
  1. Looking ahead to BOCC elections in 2018: who is running and who to vote for?
  1. Calvert County Citizens Academy. Erin did it and it was great. Visit all County departments and learn about each. 25 spots and all were filled. Was on Thursday evenings 6-9pm. Maybe another one next year. Terry & Andrea interested.

Next Organizer meeting Sun 3/26 6:30pm still needed? NO, instead Sunday 6:30pm 4/2 to plan for the next general meeting on 4/23 or 5/7 and set date for general meeting after that.


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