HCA Leadership Meeting Minutes – 10/15/2017

Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA) Leadership Meeting                                             Sunday October 15, 2017 7pm

Present: Andrea H, Erin K, Sue D, Jackie C, Terry P

  1. Last leader meeting  Sun 7/9/17 @ member’s home. Minutes ok? yes

Prep for General Meeting 11/5

  1. Next HCA general meeting Sunday 11/5/2017 at 630pm. Update citizens on topics from poll of members in order of most popular first:
    1. Site Plan status of Fastop & Life Church
      1. Erin K will present & attend TEG meeting 10/25 for latest info
    2. Town Center expansion across Rt 4 @ Cox Rd/ Comp Plan update
      1. Andrea H will present & attend PC meeting 10/18 & special PC meeting 10/25 for latest
    3. Growth Tier Act (water & sewer) 1 mile radius
      1. Andrea will present
    4. Sign Regulations
      1. Erin will present. Comments submitted for record to P&Z 20% in favor current Sign Reg draft, 70% opposed 10% neutral.
    5. Erin suggests having info on hand on the emerg communications tower behind annex.
  2. Erin secured HUM Church. Andrea will notify newspapers. To contact Ch 6 ask Heather in Economic Development. Also you can go online on county web site and post your own events. Skyrm@calvertcountymd.gov
  3. Citizens suggested inviting P&Z but they don’t work on Sundays. Invite them anyhow just in case.
  4. BOCC admin Lisa Tolomei contacted Erin for 11/5 meeting details to put on BOCC calendar. Perhaps Pat Nutter will attend? Erin will e-mail Lisa to see if BOCC attends, just to listen, needs time to present, will answer questions, etc so we can adjust our schedules. (Lisa Tolomei is admin asst to  Maureen L. Frederick, Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners.)
  5. Andrea suggests diving up the audience into 2 maybe 3 groups and rotations through stations. Avoids need for power point, can use handouts, more intimate for Q&A with BOCC member, etc.

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HCA Leadership Meeting – Oct. 15th, 6:30pm

HCA Leadership will meet on October 15th at 6:30pm to discuss topics and plans for the General Meeting on Nov. 5th at 6:30pm. This is being held at a member’s house. If you would like to join the leadership team, please email huntingtowncitizens@gmail.com for the address. Thank you!

7.9.2017 – HCA Leadership Meeting Minutes

Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA) Leadership Meeting
Sun July 9, 2017 @ member’s home

Present: Andrea H, Susan F, Claire H, Erin K

  1. Last meeting was Sun June 24, 2017 @ Mexico in Huntingtown. Minutes okay? YES
  2. HOA research by Mary:
    1. Mary mailed/contacted, we posted on FB to contact her
    2. Some communities have FB pages or web pages. This would be great to know.
  3. Next BOCC mtg Tues July 11. Agenda: 1030am Dpt Public Works presents on Rt 2/4 widening and work near Holiday Inn where Dunkin Donuts will be. 1:30pm Jenny PW presents on Signs.  Andrea might attend afternoon if gets child care. Erin might attend but not all day. You can watch BOCC live stream if you can’t be there.
  4. Next regular Planning Commission meeting is July 19, 2017.
    1. Erin inquired about minutes not posted for last special meeting in April. You can request CD or transcripts for $30 plus cost of transcription or CD from 3rd Therefore you really need to go to meetings in person to find out in timely manner.

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