HCA Leadership Meeting Minutes – 10/15/2017

Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA) Leadership Meeting                                             Sunday October 15, 2017 7pm

Present: Andrea H, Erin K, Sue D, Jackie C, Terry P

  1. Last leader meeting  Sun 7/9/17 @ member’s home. Minutes ok? yes

Prep for General Meeting 11/5

  1. Next HCA general meeting Sunday 11/5/2017 at 630pm. Update citizens on topics from poll of members in order of most popular first:
    1. Site Plan status of Fastop & Life Church
      1. Erin K will present & attend TEG meeting 10/25 for latest info
    2. Town Center expansion across Rt 4 @ Cox Rd/ Comp Plan update
      1. Andrea H will present & attend PC meeting 10/18 & special PC meeting 10/25 for latest
    3. Growth Tier Act (water & sewer) 1 mile radius
      1. Andrea will present
    4. Sign Regulations
      1. Erin will present. Comments submitted for record to P&Z 20% in favor current Sign Reg draft, 70% opposed 10% neutral.
    5. Erin suggests having info on hand on the emerg communications tower behind annex.
  2. Erin secured HUM Church. Andrea will notify newspapers. To contact Ch 6 ask Heather in Economic Development. Also you can go online on county web site and post your own events. Skyrm@calvertcountymd.gov
  3. Citizens suggested inviting P&Z but they don’t work on Sundays. Invite them anyhow just in case.
  4. BOCC admin Lisa Tolomei contacted Erin for 11/5 meeting details to put on BOCC calendar. Perhaps Pat Nutter will attend? Erin will e-mail Lisa to see if BOCC attends, just to listen, needs time to present, will answer questions, etc so we can adjust our schedules. (Lisa Tolomei is admin asst to  Maureen L. Frederick, Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners.)
  5. Andrea suggests diving up the audience into 2 maybe 3 groups and rotations through stations. Avoids need for power point, can use handouts, more intimate for Q&A with BOCC member, etc.


  1. HOA research:
    1. Mary snail mailed, Andrea posted on FB, sent PMs, phone calls. Created Gmail distribution list of HOA contacts. Still a few more to get. Andrea wants to go in person to some addresses.
  2. Huntingtown Information Group (HIG)FB group 3,600, (admins are Terry P, Erin K, Susan F, Claire H & Tee S for Post office), HCA web page blog 300
    1. Huntingtown Citizens Association FB page not working or moved. I checked on 10/14 730p. Susan do you know what happened? Do we no longer need this and stick with HIG FB group and HCA blog only?
    2. How to get more people involved?
      1. Word of mouth by us leaders , set up booth at community event like car shows
      2. Announce meetings in advance in local papers, post on blog calendar
      3. Add “Be Informed” or “Be Active” tab to web page. (Susan, was this done? Is it called connect?)
      4. Keep updated list to whom to contact and how with links, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. (Andrea created distribution list on Gmail for local papers for meeting announcements)
      5. Share blog posts on the HIG FB group suggest Terry P.
      6. Post yard sign at the recycling center suggests Susan D.
    3. Letters to PC, BOCC & to the Editor:
      1. Encourage HCA leaders and others to write.
      2. Talking points or outline, so easier for people draft their own (still need to do this)
      3. To e-mail the BOCC, send to their generic e-mail so it is in the record. Sending to an individual BOCC commissioner might not get into records.
    4. Technical Evaluation Group(TEG):
      1. Reviews site plans for compliance w/existing county and states laws.
      2. Meetings: 4th Wed of each month held in the 3rd floor conference room (Community Planning and Building), 150 Main Street, Prince Frederick, MD 20678.
      3. Next one is 10/25 830am. Open to the public. (Erin will attend) Agenda not posted yet as of Sat 10/14 730pm. http://www.co.cal.md.us/index.aspx?nid=806
        1. Fastop: History: 9/4/2015 Huntingtown Master Plan edited: 100 ft wooded setback from Rt 4 ONLY goes down Old Town Rd from its start until the start of Parcel 9 on Tax Map 18. Planning commission deferred decision to BOCC and they voted to allow buffer removal. This change makes property more desirable for The Gott Company to purchase & build Fastop convenience/liquor store w/gas. Fast stop are in NB (CITGO), CB, Dunkirk, St Leonard, Lusby, Solomon’s, Leonardtown & Calvert Village Shell (next to Magic Tunnel). Fastop is national chain so would not be subject to Sign Regs or ARC review.
      4. What can we do about Fastop it? (Susan Shaw 21 ideas)
        1. Get someone else to buy: Post Office for more space, move Bowen’s there, workout gym space, physical therapy office w/gym, drop in day care center
        2. Write to local politicians like BOCC, Delegates, governor
        3. Contact media like newspapers, Wash Post investigative team might be interested
        4. Contact County Health Department, Environmental Dept
        5. FOIA requests concerning BOCC meetings with developers (Sue D has done this)
        6. Solomons Business Association: would be against increased traffic on RT 4 (Need to do)
        7. We need a “Press Release” type letter that outlines the history of this issue, our concerns, and requests assistance. Clair will work on this, perhaps asking Susan Shaw for the timeline and date info along with Linda B who offered to help. (Terry will work on just to have for our records. Not able to contact Linda B. Clair not working on it.)
    5. Fall 2018 is next BOCC election. We will not announce support of specific individuals.
      1. We could invite all candidates to meet & greet @ general meeting. Deadline to run is 2/2018 so plan for this event in 3/2018. Need meeting space allowing food? Fire hall too much $500. League of Women Voters can host? High school might be free to reserve.
      2. Possible candidates we heard about, not necessarily filed officially yet:
        1. 3rd district Evan Slaug will prob run again. Also Kelley McKonkey. Holly Budd.
        2. 2nd district Pat Nutter might run again. Also Michael Moore, Mark Benton college guy, Buddy Hance
        3. 1st district Mike Hart will run again
        4. At Large Tom Hejl . Steven Weems . Also Joyce Baki, Erin Hilltop, Duwayne Ragger, George Owings, Greg Brown
        5. Delegate 27C: Jason Fowler


  1. Weekly Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting
    1. They meet every Tuesday at 10am and agenda is avail every Thursday. You can watch BOCC live stream if you can’t be there or watch videos later. Agenda has links to view memos and power points.
    2. Next BOCC is Tues 10/17 @ 10am Click here for 10/17 agenda Public can comment 11am for 2 min individual and 5 min for rep of a group. Approx 1130am text amendment Architectural Review Process (ARC).
    3. Click here for PowerPoint on ARC review changes Summary: Only 5 days for Arc to meet after receipt of request. If can’t meet or no quorum, P& Z staff will decide. Also National Chains exempt from Arc .
    4. Erin K and Jackie C will attend. Ask when citizens are able to comment in public on ARC review changes.
  2. Monthly Planning Commission meeting
    1. Next is 10/18/2017 @ 7pm though deadline to get on agenda was 9/29, agenda was not posted online by 10/14 @ 8am. Andrea e-mailed Becky Parkinson & it was posted hours later. Click here for PC meeting agenda for Wed 10/18 Sign Regulation presentation happening. Note Beech Tree Apts on Allnut Ct is not the same at Calvert Hills East on Radio Rd.
    2. 10/25 special PC meeting on Comp Plan Update.
    3. Minutes are not posted for several months after a meeting, since they must be approved first. So you really have to go in person to find out what happens.
  1. Next HCA leadership meeting will be: 11/19 or 12/3? (Did not discuss this in meeting.)
  2. Small Business Interest Group(SBIG) next meeting Mon 10/16 2pm in the Planning Commission hearing room. Sue and Andrea will attend.


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