7.9.2017 – HCA Leadership Meeting Minutes

Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA) Leadership Meeting
Sun July 9, 2017 @ member’s home

Present: Andrea H, Susan F, Claire H, Erin K

  1. Last meeting was Sun June 24, 2017 @ Mexico in Huntingtown. Minutes okay? YES
  2. HOA research by Mary:
    1. Mary mailed/contacted, we posted on FB to contact her
    2. Some communities have FB pages or web pages. This would be great to know.
  3. Next BOCC mtg Tues July 11. Agenda: 1030am Dpt Public Works presents on Rt 2/4 widening and work near Holiday Inn where Dunkin Donuts will be. 1:30pm Jenny PW presents on Signs.  Andrea might attend afternoon if gets child care. Erin might attend but not all day. You can watch BOCC live stream if you can’t be there.
  4. Next regular Planning Commission meeting is July 19, 2017.
    1. Erin inquired about minutes not posted for last special meeting in April. You can request CD or transcripts for $30 plus cost of transcription or CD from 3rd Therefore you really need to go to meetings in person to find out in timely manner.

  1. Fastop:
    1. Terry contacted Planning & Zoning to obtain current location of this plan in the approvals process.
    2. Technical Evaluation Group (TEG ) review site plans to make sure they comply with all existing county and states laws. meetings are the 4th Wed of each month held in the 3rd floor conference room (Community Planning and Building) , 150 Main Street, Prince Frederick, MD 20678 . Next is 7/26 830am. Open to the public. We should start to attend. Various county offices attend to talk. http://www.co.cal.md.us/index.aspx?nid=806
    3. 9/4/2015 Huntingtown Master Plan edited: 100 ft wooded setback from Rt 4 ONLY goes down Old Town Rd from its start until the start of Parcel 9 on Tax Map 18. This change makes property more desirable for The Gott Company to purchase & build Fastop convenience/liquor store w/gas. Planning commission deferred decision to BOCC and they voted to allow buffer removal.
    4. Gott owns Fastops in NB (CITGO), CB, Dunkirk, St Leonard, Lusby, Solomons, Leonardtown & Calvert Village Shell (next to Magic Tunnel) and wants to put one at this location.
    5. Fastop is national chain so would not be subject to sign regulations nor to ARC review.
  2. Huntingtown Information FB group, Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA) page, HCA web page.
    1. How to get more people involved? About 2K on the Info page. About 300 on HCA.
      1. Word of mouth by us leaders to others.
      2. Announce future meetings further in advance in local papers.
      3. Community Event such as car show or high school events: set up a booth
        1. National Night out crime awareness and meet your neighbors is Aug 1. Contact High school sheriff Dpty Class. Claire will ask him. Meet at the fire dept parking lot and grab an ice cream at Bowen’s.
      4. Add Be Informed or Be Active tab to web page.
        1. Keep updated list on whom to contact and how with links, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc.
        2. Keep talking points of current issue up for people to use in writing their letters.
  3. When is HCA next general meeting?
      1. Topic ideas: Ask citizens? Comcast, but county is doing one on 7/13. Erin will share that on FB.
      2. Educate about communications tower behind Annex & the Fastop.
      3. Location: Fire dept since mtg attendance will be large, weeknight no charge?
  4. Letters to the Editor:
      1. We’ve been asked to write these, get others to also.
      2. We could provide talking points, so people draft their own.
      3. Include where to send them with e-mail address, where to call or contact officials.
  5. Fall 2018 is next BOCC election. Who are the candidates? We will not announce support of individuals.
      1. We can invite all candidates to meet & greet @ general meeting. Deadline to run is 2/2018 so plan for this in 3/2018.
      2. 3rd district Evan Slaug will prob run again. Also Kelley McKonkey. Holly Budd.
      3. 2nd district Pat Nutter might run again. Also Michael Moore, Mark Benton
      4. 1st district Mike Hart will run again.
      5. At Large Tom Hejl . Also Joyce Baki, Erin Hilltop, Dwayne Rigger, George Owings.
      6. At large Steven Weems.
  1. Next HCA leadership meeting was not scheduled.



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