2.26.2017 – HCA General Meeting Minutes

2.26.2017 HCA General Meeting

18 people in attendance

Meeting Recap/Highlights

Erin led meeting.

Recap of Calvert 2040 Workshops:

  • Defined Town Center per 2040 documents.
    • As long as Dunkirk doesn’t put in sewers they will be limited
    • Prince Frederick – Citizens came up with a charrette but commissioners changed zoning to allow box stores.
  • Conversation about what was said at 2040 meetings thus far by Planning leaders.
  • Conversation about planning commission and who was hired to help w/planning.
  • Conversation about traffic
    • Route 4/231 is busiest intersection according to MD State Highway
    • 3 lanes from north of Stoakley Rd to just south of Prince Frederick
  • Commissioners are developing despite names (town center, village, hamlet, etc.)
  • We should possibly be more aggressive with zoning in those areas, defining what is and what is not allowed.
  • Individual Master Plans will no longer exist. Everything will go under the Comprehensive Plan.
  • There was a study done about money leaving the county – home improvement & furniture were the two biggest sources of money leaving the county.
    • Why can we not improve what is already here or put new businesses into existing buildings instead of building new structures?
    • We need more activities for all ages instead of just buying stuff.
  • Nothing for kids to do in the county.
  • Small businesses give back to the community vs big business getting county tax breaks and money flowing out of the county.
  • What can we do in Huntingtown and/or as Huntingtown?
    • Pay attention to what is going on
    • Go to 2040 Workshops
    • Come up with what an acceptable village is and float the idea to others
  • Is there a way we could argue against more development because of evacuation?
    • Power Plant
    • Dominion
    • Evacuation is not an unlikely situation.
  • So what would Huntingtown characteristic village look like?
    • No water/sewer
  • How would this affect Fire/EMS?
    • 1 Commissioner trying to fire all volunteers and start taxes for all paid Fire/EMS
  • If we get a say on designation, we then have to pay attention to zoning ordinances set up.
  • Would changing from Minor Town Center to Village keep the same borders or would they change?
  • What would zoning and taxes be with a Village vs Minor Town Center?
    • What happens to the revenue stream?
  • We need a variety of privately owned businesses instead of corporations.
  • Sidewalks are challenging to add because there is no room.
  • How tall do we allow buildings?
    • Can’t use HVFD as an excuse to limit stories.
    • Some houses have 3 floors, which is also something to consider.
  • Village definition in 2040 plan doesn’t define “residential.”
  • How can we get more Huntingtown people involved with planning?
    • Sign at Convenience Center
    • HOAs
    • Newspapers – Calvert Recorder
    • Word of mouth
    • Flyers up at churches/food pantries
  • Calvert Coalition for Smart Growth
    • Can ask them questions about 2040 information
    • Privately funded & donations
  • Community needs to convey importance of attendance
  • Letters to the editor are big – Commissioners hate those.
  • Legal case against county commissioners does slow box store going in
    • Commissioners are using an outside attorney, but using the county budget to pay them.
  • Ask deeper definitions and intentions on “village” and bring that back to group to discuss.
  • Post 2040 Workshop dates on HuntingtownCitizensAssociation.com

Important Dates

3/27 – Calvert 2040 Workshop – Fostering Community



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