HCA Meeting Minutes – 3.13.2016

In Attendance:  Erin K, Andrea H, Zsolt T, Susan F, Mark B, Claire and David H, Connie and Craig C, Debbie, Jim and June F, Terry P

Upcoming Important Dates:

Next Leadership Team meeting is Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 6 pm

Next HCA Meeting is Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 6 pm and every third Sunday of the month thereafter


We discussed the purpose for the group, the need to contact the former HCA officers to see what documents (if any) are in place (Charter, mission, etc).  We talked about how the need for the HCA dwindled but is now needed again so that Huntingtown Citizens can have a say in how they want their town to look in the future.  Currently the town is cited as a minor town center but may be better suited to a Rural Village due to road problems.  Team members volunteered for various tasks and agreed to meet again in 2 weeks on 4/3.   The team needs to find out how to become a part of the larger planning process and gather information to present to the larger group on 4/17.  We agreed that we need to do a better job about getting the word out about the at large meeting on 4/17.  Several ideas about how to do that are listed at bottom.

Action Items:

Jim — Will contact Community Planning and Building to determine how HCA can get involved in the planning process.  Jim will also touch base with Susan S.

Jim will help with communication

June — Will contact the KEY club at Huntingtown High School to see if we can get some administrative help or volunteers in exchange for volunteer credit hours.  The KEY club consists of civic minded kids.  June will help with communication

Debbie — Will help with obtaining the church for meetings and with developing flyers for meetings.  Debbie will post the April 17th meeting in the newspaper.

Claire — Will track down the former HCA officers to see what documents are in place and how we can potentially transfer leadership or information.  Claire will help with misc tasks as needed.

David and Zsolt — Will research what our group needs in terms of a charter.

Craig and Connie — Will set up a meeting for the HCA leadership team or the HCA at large with Pat N and Tom H when we are ready.  Willing to help with misc tasks that come up.

Susan F — Will look into setting up a blog for the HCA so we can share info and minutes.  Susan will also talk with Jenna about potentially setting up a website.  Susan can also help with social media and communication.

Mark — Will help with communication, misc tasks, and potentially interested in being an officer.

Lori (not present) — Will develop flyers for meetings.

Terry — Will type up meeting recap and create a leadership team mailing list.  Terry will help with communications.

Andrea — Will help pass out flyers and misc tasks.

Communication Ideas:

1.) Contact homeowners association leaders

2.) Put meeting announcement

— in community calendar in newspaper

— on channel 6

–flyer on Bowen’s counter


— ad in paper

— FB

–somd.com community calendar

— pass out flyers to neighborhoods



Someone to take meeting minutes

Someone who is able to print flyers

Someone to coordinate the checklist and touch base about various action items


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