“Can you hear me now?”

We are starting to feel like we’ve got terrible cell reception. Our Huntingtown friends and neighbors submitted 88 comments on the 2nd draft and 72 comments on the current 3rd draft of the Calvert County Comprehensive Plan.  No one seemed to ask for or want to expand Huntingtown Town Center(TC) across MD 4 at the Cox Rd intersection, yet this idea popped up in the 1st draft anyway.

The Planning Commission (PC) appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) forwarded the current 3rd draft with Huntingtown TC only expanding to include the High School property. We felt this was a slippery slope towards further expansion, and in fact we are slipping…

The BOCC agenda for next Tues 05/14/2019 has agenda item IV on the Comp Plan with a powerpoint. Check out page Huntingtown TC on page 10, where they depict reverting back to adding in all the property south of HHS to the Cox Rd intersection and south of the intersection. Who is the BOCC listening to? It does not seem to be the Huntingtown citizens that have written in comments, spoken at public hearings or participated in the workshops at the birth of this plan. See below for proposed maps.

On the left is the current 3rd draft proposal, adding only HHS to the Huntingtown Town Center. This is what citizens accept. On the right is the old 2017 proposal which came from unknown sources, to add the area south of HHS to the Cox Rd. intersection as well as south of the intersection.

Link to the entire 3rd draft of the Comp Plan Skip to pg 56 for Huntingtown, which interestingly does not have either of the above maps pictured. Page 47 & 55 for info on Residential Area (old 1 mile radius) around Minor Town Centers for increased residential density and use of developer funded water/sewer.



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