Kelly McConkey casts deciding vote to expand Huntingtown at Cox Road.

The final vote was 3-2 in favor of expanding Huntingtown Town Center across MD Route 4 at Cox Rd on August 6th, 2019.  Commissioner Kelly McConkey himself cast the deciding vote, with Tim Hutchins and Mike Hart also voting in favor. So it’s done. 67721429_10211904715127152_9177679559124844544_o (1)

McConkey cast a vote in spite of ethical concerns with conflict of interest.  He owns two properties (outlined in red) in the expanded area (green) which will now be zoned in the Town Center instead of rural community district or rural commercial zoning.

The State of MD Department of Planning average daily traffic counts showing THE HIGHEST VOLUME in Huntingtown at 41,891 trips per day; a count even higher than that at the largest Prince Frederick intersection.

There were thousands of pages of public comments submitted on the Comprehensive Plan . We challenge you to locate one comment from a Huntingtown citizen which explicitly supports this expansion.  Makes you wonder, who were the Commissioners they listening to?

Why is there a 495 Beltway? Traffic moves faster AROUND instead of through. This vote will put ALL travelers on MD4 through our town instead of around it.  Even Gov Hogan’s brand new “A Better Maryland” plan use Smart Growth and Sustainable Growth ideas.

What can you do? Talk to your neighbors and friends in the county.  This change will affect them too.  START PAYING ATTENTION! Make note and take photos of the current conditions; traffic, buildings, your quiet street, your home value, etc. They could be changing soon. Remember the Commissioners also voted to eliminate the “Minor” designation of Huntingtown Town Center, making us a plain old Town Center.  Prince Frederick is now also just a plain old Town Center. No longer are there major and minor distinctions.

If you read this far, you are asking, “What is next?” The Calvert Zoning Ordinance is being updated next. Planning and Zoning Director Mark Willis said if we show up in large enough numbers, we could have a say in the types of retail and commercial permitted in Huntingtown. We will need each and every person to be involved.

Stay tuned to Huntingtown Citizens Association(HCA) here on our web page or follow our FB page. We will let you know when and where we need you to show up. 


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