Only 5 days to the July 23 Public Hearing.

The BoCC needs to hear your 2 cents about the future development of Calvert! Have you planned to attend next week’s Tuesday July 23, 2019 5pm Public Hearing on the Comprehensive Plan? Yep, it starts at 5pm…how convenient.

Highlights  Lowlights:

  1. Huntingtown Town Center (TC) has lost it’s “Minor” designation. Get ready to grow.
  2. Expansion of Huntingtown TC across MD4 at Cox Rd will be voted on again, even though the last vote was ttied. (Mr. Hutchins & Mr. Hart in favor, Mr. Hance & Mr. Weems opposed, & Mr. McConkey obstaining since he owns 22 & 28 Cox Rd and would financially benefit.)
  3. Increased residential density around town centers. Will an apartment complex be one mile from your house? How many units per acre…24?
  4. We paid $$ for a Transportation Plan, but can’t wait 3 weeks to get the stats from it? Would the numbers show the build-out plans are too much?
  5. Is there a dam to hold back commercial development until the roads, sewer, schools, aquifers, etc. can handle it…or are we flooded with development?

Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors! Do they know the Comprehensive Plan is THE policy document from which all other decisions in Calvert are made?

Are you going to be involved, or will you let other people make the decisions that affect your town, your home value, your taxes, and your quality of life? Show up on July 23, 2019 at 5pm to at least listen and learn.  Stand up and speak for 2 minutes.

If you can’t make it, you can still e-mail to have your concerns logged into the public record.

Here is the latest 12/2019 draft of the Comp Plan marked up with the BoCC changes since they got the plan. Scroll down to pg 2 & pg 8 to see all the red mark up with Minor and Major Town Center designations removed. One size fits all now.  Pg 11 has Huntingtown TC expanding across MD4 and pg 58 talks about it in detail. Page 116 addresses the possible Chesapeake Bay Crossing.

Not excited yet? Stay tuned as after this Plan is adopted, the Zoning Ordinance and then Town Center Master plans will be updated. Be on the lookout for those workshops and meetings in the future.


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