Don’t be a ghost…tell them what you think by Friday 10/26/2018.

We have 2 days until Friday 10/26/2018, 4pm to send in comments on Chapter 3 (Land Use) of the Comprehensive Plan(The Plan). E-mail  comments with “Comp Plan 2040” in the subject line to:


The Comp Plan is THE POLICY DOCUMENT for Calvert County.  The Planning Commission (PC), the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and all departments use it to create the zoning ordinance, evaluate development projects and create town specific plans. Speak up now or forever hold your peace (until 10 years from now).

Chapter 3 Land Use begins on pg33 in this PDF of the Comp Plan and ends on pg58.

By 2040 Calvert will have at least 100,450 residents in 37,600 households. What will happen if Town Center borders are expanded, AND the density in them is increased, AND more Major Town Center are added AND the residential area around Town Centers also have increased density ? (Page 42, 3-10.)

What would your commute be like if Dunkirk becomes a Major Town Center(TC) like Prince Frederick? Could you get south over the bridge to work near PAX if both Lusby and Solomons are combined into one big Major TC?

How many more vehicles will be jamming up traffic?  Can our roads accommodate those vehicles in an emergency? Can our volunteer firefighters & EMS keep up with their calls for service?  If not, how much more would $$$ would we pay in taxes when our all volunteer unpaid fire and EMS crews become paid?

Do we want concentrated commercial area in Huntingtown minor Town Center(TC), additional commercial uses and residential units above the base residential density in and around the heart of Huntingtown by using TDR’s? Do we want developer-funded community sewage treatment and water facilities to serve commercial, industrial and employment uses OUTSIDE town centers and residential areas to obtain maximum density?

Does Huntingtown minor TC really need to be expanded across MD 2/4 to include HHS? Could that be a slippery slope for even more expansion?

The preservation rate of farm and forest land has slowed down since 1997, thus we have failed to meet our goal of preserving 40,000 acres. Why have no new Agricultural Preservation Districts (APD) been created since 2013?

Resource conservation does not include drinking water in our aquifers. Really?

And finally, will all the aforementioned changes result in changes to the things we LOVE about Calvert County?  Changes to the things that brought us here or kept us here that cannot be reversed? Tell them how you feel and what you think. Also, get ready to vote in 2 weeks on 11/6 by checking into the candidates to see which ones support your ideas for the future of Calvert.

Please start a conversation with your neighbors or local friends about this stuff. Share with someone who does not use the internet. Learn together.




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